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Gary Ware

Improv Builds Compassion with Gary Ware of Breakthrough Cocktail


Find out how improv can increase your ability for compassion and help you live a more fulfilled life. Gary Ware empowers professionals to achieve their goals, and live a happy fulfilled life. Part of that skill comes from his passion for improvisation.

Lucas Cioffi

Collaboration Saves the Day with Lucas Cioffi of QiqoChat


Lucas Cioffi is the founder of QiqoChat. He is an Iraq War veteran turned software developer. While serving for three years on the board of a national non-profit with 1700 members, he saw the potential for new tools to make sharing knowledge more fun & efficient.


Inspiring the World with Robert Neely from InspireMore


The passion and purpose of InspireMore is to inspire people to live a more vibrant, fulfilled life than ever before.

Robert tells us the journey of finding a way to inspire people to live fulfilled lives and give us some strategies and tools to do the same.